Our Products

At Lasered By The Creek all of our panels are made by us. They are all made up with premium AA spec veneer which is the higher grade of veneer that results in matched surfaces, deep heartwood rich tones. We are able to achieve this process by our own in-house saw mill and we are able to slice the tree to make them into veneers. Most of our veneers are 1/45th thick which allows a deeper engraving but yet the engrave isn't engraved through the hardwood veneer. Most other companies use A1 spec on front and A4 spec on back with 1/50th thick veneer which is laminated. What this means is A1 is clear but with minor imperfections and the A4 there is not much clear, grainy, a lot of sap (white color) and knots.

We guarantee no glue spots in our panel which in a result of consistency, no loss of material and just a premium product. We achieve this by our high accuracy production equipment precisely measuring the amount of glue added to each special substrate wood core core that we developed and adhere the veneers to. Another big factor we strive on is true thickness no matter what wood panel you purchase. Our panels are built to a tolerance of +/- .005" so this allows no guessing, no changing designs. The panels are always the same thickness. Unlike others with a MDF core the thickness can vary tremendously. 


Another big factor in our panels we build is cutting and engraving. Our panels will always cut and engrave the same speeds and faster than any MDF core on the market!! Also to go with the consistency of cutting and engraving is cleanliness. Our panels are much cleaner the cut due to the all natural products we use to make them so this allows no harmful airborne particles and a lot less cleaning of your lasers components than any other MDF on the market




Most importantly all of our products we process through our mill and manufacturing plant is naturally 100% safe and free of chemicals, formaldehyde-free including our glues and clear coat!!!


Our clear coating is a special blend we use every day and safe with UV protection so your pieces of art will not fade.